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Sinpron is dedicated to

Performance oriented results, no matter what. Period.

Whether your startup is in an early or mature phase, already with a funding or just reaching for your first round of investment – we can help you reach your user goals and provide your investors with better results.

The best part of being a startup is doing what you love, for the people that will love you. Let us find and provide you with the relevant audience…

Remember, it all starts with 1.000 True Fans!

Pricing plans at a glance

Starting from as low as CHF 10.- per day

  • AdPlan 10

  • Daily Budget

    CHF 10.-

  • Media Buy

    CHF 7.-

  • Ad Platform / Ad Type

    Single / Single

  • AdPlan 20

  • Daily Budget

    CHF 20.-

  • Media Buy

    CHF 15.50

  • Ad Platform / Ad Type

    Dual / Single

  • AdPlan 50

  • Daily Budget

    CHF 50.-

  • Media Buy

    CHF 40.-

  • Ad Platform / Ad Type

    Dual / Unlimited

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